By Corey Mack on Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Scion tC has been one of the brand's most popular models ever since it was introduced in 2004. Now that six years have passed, the two-door coupe is in need of replacement.


We are the first site to give you a sneak peak into what the 2011 Scion tC will look like. Though there is not much to be seen from the images we have been provided, we can at least say that the exterior seems to be a more of an evolutionary design change than a radical one.



On the inside, we can see that the tC will recieve an automatic transmission with a manual mode and large A/C controls that we have seen on other Scion and Toyota models.


The second-gen Scion tC will make its debut next Wednesday, at the New York Auto Show. Be sure to check back here, as we promise more revealing pictures of the 2011 Scion tC in the coming days.




Great!!! I can't wait!!! I am dying to see this

07 TStC on 03/25/2010 2:01PM

YAY! I can't wait for it! It better be good or I'm gonna buy an Audi

08 sciontcrider on 03/26/2010 8:55AM

This site is a hack. There has been other sites that have had these images way before this site even posted them up. FTL Corey.

anonymous anon on 03/26/2010 9:07AM

"We are the first site to give you a sneak peak into what the 2011 Scion tC will look like."

There are two things wrong in this sentence. - I've seen these images from other sources prior to you guys posting on here. - There's a chance these may be teasers for the Americanized version of the iQ. The 'features' you see in the images look like it could either belong to the iQ or the slightly revamped tC.

TheCollegeDriver should probably get some facts straight before playing it off like they have an 'in' with Scion ;)

SqMK on 03/26/2010 11:17AM

@SqMK: Not sure how what I said wrote made it sound like we have an "in" with Scion. The images are released to all automotive news sites at the same time. And I always enjoy being humored by admins of jealous sites

Corey Mack on 03/26/2010 11:53AM

This sentence in your article:

"We are the first site to give you a sneak peak into what the 2011 Scion tC will look like. "

contradicts this statement in your reply to SqMK:

"The images are released to all automotive news sites at the same time."


Aich Lee on 03/26/2010 1:04PM

Are you really throwing jealousy in the mix? What exactly would I be jealous about? There's false information in this article, and it would have been more appropriate to cite your sources. Just telling it how it is, instead of how it isn't!

SqMK on 03/26/2010 1:14PM

@ Aich: That basically meant that though they were sent out to all automotive news sites at the same time we were the first automotive news site to post them. We actually sat on the pictures for three days trying to figure out what they were since this new tC looks very similar to current one. @ SqMK: There is no false information in this site. We indeed were the first automotive news site to post these pictures. I also felt no need to cite the source since the images would have had to come from Scion/Toyota.

Corey Mack on 03/26/2010 1:19PM

Well if you guys have seen this images anywhere else then post up the links to contradict this article, I guarantee you that you don't have them, and no other automotive news site has these pictures revealed or any info of this category anywhere on the net... just saying.

Go with the flow and quit being so childish about this, accept the facts, THE NEW tC IS HERE

07 TStC on 03/26/2010 1:26PM

@SqMK: I also really don't get the point of your argument. These are pictures of the next tC. These can't be the iQ since the proportions are wrong and that car has very strong design identity that cannot be confused with most other cars. And as for the pics themselves, they came directly from on of scion's social media agencies.

Corey Mack on 03/26/2010 1:30PM

@ 07 TStC: Thanks for keeping it positive! Let's all celebrate the new tC!

Corey Mack on 03/26/2010 1:31PM

Its not the iQ because the iQ rim has four lugs on the rim, this has five.

Marques D on 03/26/2010 10:40PM

It is deffintely a tc. Eventho these are "teaser" pics but its not that hard to figure out that its a tc. Hell the 09-10 tc's have interior changes ie fabric changes..Hell i own a 08 and all i would have to do is change the fabric to a 09 fabric and back on topic..I agree with everyone else is saying that your statements are false and incorrect basically..And no i dont work for any of the other automotive sites...But i wish i did...I get all my info from road and Track and Car and Driver and those are the magazines that i will keep an eye out for on this 2011 tc or what pray tell they call it..I like the rims though they look better than the previous years

Dark_Knight Scikotic on 03/27/2010 11:07AM

@Dark_Knight I'm not sure how my statements are false. Again, no one has shown me another Automotive News Site that had these pictures posted before we did. As for the new tC, we here at theCD look forward to seeing more of it.

Corey Mack on 03/27/2010 4:17PM

@Corey - lol I am going to laught when Wednesday comes around and all of these people calling you a liar will be hush hush after they see the new Scion tC match the pictures in this article.

07 TStC on 03/27/2010 5:26PM

@ 07 TStC - Thanks. People like calling me a liar (among other things) but rarely am I wrong.

Corey Mack on 03/28/2010 4:11AM

Great article Corey, That tC is sexy!! looks a lot better than our rolled over 2005.

And for all you posters that are criticizing this site, if you don't like the material then go and try to make your own site, then you will realize just how much research goes into every article, and sometimes not every single fact is uncovered during the research.

PS....hopefully they offer a 6spd manual tranny with the new ones haha

Martin M. Ofalt Jr. on 03/28/2010 5:14AM

i cannot wait to see this come out! im deffinately interested in buying one.*

Brandi Hamilton on 04/21/2010 5:14PM

I bought my TC in 08/04 for 19K (with a few extras). Now nearly 6 years old with 90K on the clock it is still amazing. It was a shrewd investment, after 6 years it is able to be sold for $10K or so, and I have never had a problem with it!

As I am not a student and have a 6 figure income, I have been tempted towards BMW 135, Lotus Elise, Mustang GT and the like and used more expensive cars, but cars are a money pit, not a good investment, so I have kept the TC, it looks good, is fun to drive and you can thrash it around. I am thinking of replacing the stock suspension and upgrading parts so that I feel it is a new car.

I love the car!

The new one looks good and addresses a couple of issues I had with mine - the new one has a 6 speed box (great!), a better interior (though I am not sure about the squashed steering wheel) and more power - though not as much as I had hoped. A rear wiper would have been good, but it really has not bothered me.

Still, I would say the car has been a bargain for a long time, and the new one will be too.

Daz Baker on 04/30/2010 3:12AM

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