By Zeid Nasser on Thursday, October 12, 2017

According to studies, it takes the average person about 30 minutes to commute to each way work every day. Now consider the fact that you may have to do that at least five times a week, and the thought can be overwhelming. As time goes by, you may notice that the journey is growing "longer" and more boring. In that case, you will need to find some productive activities that will keep you busy the entire time that you are commuting. In this article, we provide you with some activities that you can engage in to ensure that you are not bored and at the same time you are productive. These tips can apply to commuters that have to drive or ride on public transportation.
Without further ado, we provide you with the suggestions below. So, fill up your travel mug with a warm cup of coffee and read on.


1. Make Some Phone Calls
If your work involves making and returning calls, this is an ideal opportunity to take care of doing so. This will play a huge part in making sure that you are occupied. In addition to that, making work calls will reduce the amount of workload that you will have to deal with during the day. When commuting back from work in the evening, take some time to call your spouse, relative or any other person that matters to you, and that you do not get enough time to chat with. This easy and fun type of call will keep your time lively and engaged and provide a (hopefully) pleasant distraction from the long commute time.
However, it is important to note that this should be done properly if driving, and with caution. You should always make calls as via a Bluetooth system in your car so that both hands remain on the wheel. And never ever text while driving.


2. Think Things Through
Rather than let boredom set in while commuting to work, try engaging in some productive thoughts instead. Think about what you are likely to do during the day, or what situations you will be presented with. Plan on how you are going to approach the different challenges that life will bring to you at various moments during the day. If you are dealing with a challenging coworker, consider how you might be best prepared to face them with a different and unexpected approach. Walk through the entire scenario in your head. Being caught off guard is what allows us to react before we think. Your commute time can be your prep time. Before you know it, you will have arrived at work. Remember that planning your day plays a huge role in determining the direction that your life will take.


3. Catch up With the News
Another way to commute conveniently is by getting yourself updated with the news. Buy or download a newspaper and read it while commuting to work on the train or bus. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose to read about politics, sports, lifestyle or even check on the latest technological trends. On the other hand, if you like adventures like shopping, you can check on the latest products on the market. Books and other reading material are always a perfect way to pass the time.


4. Engage in Meditation
Many people think that meditation is spending long hours thinking about nothing, and therefore it is a pure waste of time. However, contrary to that misconception, meditation can be done for a brief period where you engage in productive thinking. Studies have produced interesting results that show just how beneficial meditation can be to your health and wellbeing. Depending on what works for you, you can plug in your earphones and listen to some soft music thereby allowing your brain to relax, or you can then stare through the window of the bus or train that you are travelling in. It is not a waste of time, as the number of productive things that you would have thought about during the brief period will amaze you.


5. Learn a New Language
Maybe you're planning on taking that long-awaited trip to Italy. Perhaps you've always wanted to engage with your grandmother in her native German language. Whatever the reason for it, wanting to learn a new language is a wonderful way to stimulate your brain and to have fun with it. If you can only listen to the audio, you should get a good set of headphones and immerse yourself in the language. If you are driving solo in your own car, you can practice pronunciation out loud without worrying what you sound like to anyone nearby.


Commuting to and from work does not have to be a tedious and boring activity. If anything, you can do various activities to make your commuting adventure more exciting. Some of these activities include meditation, making phone calls, reading and learning new languages.