By Zeid Nasser on Saturday, September 23, 2017

When coming to the end of college, the idea of pursuing a career in commercial driving might not be high on your list of options. However, there are  a number of other benefits to a career in this sector that most people tend to overlook. Below we're looking more closely at the benefits it could bring, perhaps as a career choice or even to simply bring in a wage so you can continue your academic pursuits. 

Job security and steady pay

In an industry that always suffers from a lack of drivers, job security is one of commercial driving’s biggest plus points. According to Road Master, the ATA estimates a shortage of nearly 48,000 truck drivers a year, with data indicating that demand will continue to rise in the near future, and starting pay for drivers working in their first year at around $45,000 a year. That’s $850 a week.

What’s equally as important is that a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can be secured in as little as three to four weeks. This means that those who choose to begin a life in the commercial driving sector can get through the training period very quickly and start earning a steady wage almost as soon as college is over.

Technological innovations

There’s also a lot to be said for the technological advancements made year on year in the commercial driving industry. For example, HWY Pro is an app designed to help truckers better manage their loading, organization and dispatch tasks. It focuses on making each task less time consuming and far less cumbersome. Created by Bill Busbice Jr, Paul Svindland and Harry Hover, three entrepreneurs with extensive experience in commercial driving and the trucking business.

Another example would be California-based Peloton Technologies and its pioneering work in the field of vehicle to vehicle communication. Peloton’s innovation attempts to deal with two of the industry’s greatest challenges: fuel and safety. Through the use of radar sensors and intelligent braking, Peloton has discovered a way for two trucks to connect in what’s referred to as a “platoon”. Essentially, it enables two trucks to drive along together at a proximity that would normally be considered unsafe practice. The company has reported fuel savings of 10% for the second truck and 4.5% for the truck that’s leading the platoon.

Lifestyle benefits

Finally, there’s a great deal to be said for the kind of lifestyle opportunities a career in commercial driving affords. Not everyone enjoys working with other people. Nor do we all thrive in office-based employment, going to the same place every day.

Truck drivers are out on the road. It’s the perfect job for anyone who really enjoys solitude and for those who love driving through and looking out across a variety of landscapes. Truck drivers in the U.S. are paid to travel through Colorado’s mountains, alongside Florida’s beaches and among the fast and furious lifestyle of New York’s streets. Some truck drivers even take their pets on the road with them, which isn’t something that’s generally sanctioned in the standard office environment.

While it may not have been something you’d been working towards at college, a career in commercial driving isn’t one to be snubbed at. As with most employment opportunities, there are more benefits to note than the ones listed here in this post, but they’re reason enough to begin looking into the idea in more detail.