By Zeid Nasser on Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Bikes are the epitome of beauty and mechanical advancement. They are the most stylish and convenient mode of transport. It is hard not to fall in love with your two-wheeled beauty. This is why motorcycle-owners tend to take good care of their rides, ensuring proper and regular servicing.


Somehow, there are times when we tend to miss the most obvious of signs either intentionally or because we have hundreds of other pressing issues to deal with. That results in the motorcycle's protesting and shutting down on us.


The motorcycle's battery is the first thing to give up and we are left stranded without our sole mode of travel to help us reach our destination.
Fortunately, for all the motorcycle owners there are certain signs that indicate that trouble is brewing. Keep an eye out for these signs:


1. The Horn and Lights Will Start to Fade
One of the easiest signs to spot is the fading away of the horn and the weakening of the lights. Just as is the case with any battery-operated item, an indicator of a weak battery is that the product stops functioning at its full potential. Diming headlights or a change in the sound and volume of the horn are two of the most obvious signs that your motorcycle's battery needs replacing.


2. The Motorcycle Stops Responding to The Start Button
Another indication of a battery problem is when the motorcycle refuses to revive or even start in a single attempt. If the battery issue is not as critical as it may appear, you may hear the engine attempting to turn over and maybe hear the echoes of a small click. However, in most cases the only response to pushing the button that you will get is dead silence.


3. The Motorcycle Has Been Idle for Some Time
If you are having difficulty in starting your motorcycle, then think back to the last time you rode it. If you went for a spin a few months ago then there is a high possibility that your battery needs a replacement. One thing that most of us are unaware of is that batteries may die even if they are not in use for a long time. In that case, it is best to take it on a test ride before making any plan to ride too far with your friends.


4. The Motorcycle Has a Lot of Electrical Components
Most motorcycle models available in the market come with many electrical components attached, which increase the usage of the battery. Components like heated gear will consume more energy, making your motorcycle's battery work overtime while trying to keep every part of the motorcycle running without fail. If you own of those modern motorcycles that have many electrical parts then getting the battery checked on a regular basis is highly recommended.


5. You Can't Remember When You Last Replaced the Battery
One of the easiest ways of realising that your motorcycle's battery is in need of a replacement is the fact that you can't think of the last time you had a new battery installed. A good quality motorcycle battery will last you for four years without giving any trouble. When batteries get worn out they stop retaining their full potential charge, giving rise to the presence of many mechanical faults and issues. Make a habit of changing your motorcycle's battery after a particular period of time and don't be cost-conscious. There are numerous authentic and reliable companies you can purchase your new motorcycle battery from without any hassle. One such company whom I would recommend is hardwarexpress who's motorcycle batteries can be viewed here:


6. The Use of a Multimeter Will Give You Uncertain Readings
Buying a multimeter or a multitester is recommended for all motorcycle owners as it reduces the amount of guesswork involved in finding out if the battery is faulty or not. You can use the multimeter at any time to realise the absence or presence of a battery fault. If your battery is not healthy, then the multimeter will give a reading off less than 12 volts, which is the normal reading for a fully functioning battery.


Remember, your motorcycle's battery does not give up on you without sending out warning signals for you to watch out for. These six signs are the perfect way of finding out if there is an issue with your motorcycle's battery so that you can get it replaced with a new one.