By Zeid Nasser on Thursday, July 20, 2017

Traveling has diversified over the years and the rising popularity of RVing is one way to tell it. In the United States today, there are around 1 million fulltime RVers roaming around the country. RVs are a part of many household in the USA, with 9 million households owning one and 21% of the US households intending to purchase an RV in the future. 

The typical RV owners are in their late 40s, married, and travelfor three weeks every year. Many families who travel on RVs can say that it’s the best way to travel with children. RV indeed can offer more comfort, convenience, and flexibility. Compared to air and hotel travel, RVing can be 45% less expensive.  A family of 4 can save an average of $120 on food on RV vacation than when staying at a hotel.


Whether it’s Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, Walt Disney World in Florida or the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, RVing allows you to go to your destination at your own pace. AnRV can travel on an average of 4000 miles per year. 


Like any travelers, RV campers look for essential amenities like wifi, clean bathrooms, and kid-friendly environment. A good cellular signal can greatly contribute to a smoother road journey as much as sanitary lavatory could.


If you’re planning to go on an RV trip, alone or with your family and friends, this helpful infographic gives you ideas on the most popular month for RVing, the best free overnight RV parking locations, and so much more.