By Emily Roberts on Tuesday, May 09, 2017

We all enjoy dreaming of our next new set of fresh wheels but before we go for the biggest and the fastest we need to account for the costs that will keep us protected. Yes insurance may not be as fun as test driving the latest vans and pick up trucks but we can gives you the tips and tricks to keep that all important insurance premium low.

How to get cheap van insurance
If you're about to purchase a new van or your first van; think about the insurance before you commit to anything. We understand that ideally your insurance policy would be the cheapest as can be but it's not always worth saving a few extra pounds if your budget van insurance doesn't cover what you need.

If you already own a van, follow our tips below to get your next renewal down:

Invest in security
Many manufacturers are making each model that they bring out more secure but there are a few steps that you can take as an added precaution. One of the most basic features to install would be deadlocks. By installing secure locks to all of the doors not only will your goods in transit be safer but your insurance broker can also take this into consideration when providing you with your next renewal quote.


Build up your no claims bonus
Yes, many will say that this is an obvious one but there is a high percentage of transit van owners out there who have claimed on their insurance for a small scratch or dent on their vehicle which has then resulted in their insurance premiums rocketing. We have worked with some of the best van insurance brokers in the UK and they say that this is the number one way to get your insurance policy down.

We understand that your insurance is there to protect yourself and your vehicle but sometimes you will benefit more financially if you pay for the repair privately and let your no claims bonus continually drop your insurance costs.


Larger payments can reduce the total cost
In 2016 more than 70% of the UK population paid for at least one of their insurance policies monthly. What some people are unaware of is that if you pay for your insurance annually you could save yourself a lot of money.

If you need to pay for your insurance monthly then continue to do so but if you can afford paying the lump sum when it is time to renew we would highly recommend it.


Don't forget to pay your road tax!

When it comes to road tax, it's as simple as you need to pay it. The cost of your road tax is dependent upon your vehicle so make sure you take this factor into account if you're looking to change your van.

It's now easier than ever to ensure your vehicle. If you need to tax yours soon, click here to see just how simple it really is.


Do I really need breakdown cover?

The majority of van drivers in the UK use their vehicle for commercial use and therefore rely on it to go to work for a minimum of 5 days a week. If your van broke down and you didn't have breakdown cover to help you out, you could be out of work for days.

You can get basic breakdown cover for your van from £30.00 per year so why leave it to chance?


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