By Mario L on Thursday, November 17, 2016

If you think that the advanced safety technology fitted in many luxury cars provide drivers with the best driving experience every time, well think again. Today, many car owners are complaining about this technology, and how this feature embarrasses them when they are in car washes. Although this technology can provide you help on the road, especially when avoiding accidents, some car owners complain how the advanced safety technology can help create problems at the car wash. According to reports, some car owners noticed that their cars will stop before entering the tunnel of the car wash. For someone who is not too familiar with the content of the ‘User Manual', this can become a huge problem.

From Volvo to Kia Cadenza- Luxury Cars Cause Problems in Car Wash

This problem is essentially common among many luxury cars, especially for cars that has been certified as a Top Safety Rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Just take the case of the Volvo XC90, one of the many luxury cars with the advanced safety technology. Chicago Autohaus- auto body shops, noticed the same problem when driving a customer's car to a local car wash. Initially, they noted that the problem of the car stopping can be attributed to the standard Pedestrian Detection feature of the customer's Volvo. With this car technology, the car will put on the brake if it notices a pedestrian in front, to avoid rolling. But upon complete check up of the unit, it was found out that the culprit is the ‘Pilot Assist Hold Braking', a feature that automatically puts on the brake of the car. In ordinary driving conditions, Volvo owners will love this feature since it can help prevent accidents. This prompted a little further investigation, and Chicago Autohaus provided the list below of the workarounds for specific vehicle models.

Unfortunately, this feature is not a welcome feature everyday, especially when going for a car wash. This can be a problem technology, especially if the car owner wants to get out of the vehicle, and if he wants to put the car in neutral. Also for cars that do not feature the autonomous technology, the vehicle will shift to ‘Park' when its engine is turned off. And the bad news is that the manufacturer fails to provide an answer to this problem. Going back to Volvo, the manufacturer has the instructions on how to cancel the feature, but the instructions are often buried deep in the manual, and cannot help if the line in the car wash is long. The same kind of problem can be found in the 2017 Kia Cadenza, especially when the rollers of the car wash start to push the Cadenza towards the tunnel. But the great thing about this Kia model is that there is a one-touch button feature that allows owners to address the problem.

Workaround Tricks for Selected Makes and Models

For many car owners, the challenge is knowing the best workarounds for this problem. Here are some popular car makes and models, and our recommended solutions that you can tap that can help you if you are in a car wash.

Acura TLX- If driving a TLX, just press the ‘N' button, while its engine is running with your foot on the car's brake. Within the next 5 seconds, just press the Stop/Start button of the engine, and you will see ‘Shift to Park' on the screen. This should give you time before the TLX shifts to park.

Volvo S60, V60, S90, XC60,XC90- For Volvo, drivers are advised to turn off its auto-hold function using a control that can be found on the console. Disable the automatic function by tapping on Settings, My Car, Electric Parking Brake and selecting Auto Activate Parking Brake. Choose ‘N' in the gear selector, and turn off the ignition by easily turning the knob to Stop position, and holding the knob for a few seconds.

Toyota Prius, Prius V, Camry, RAV4, Highlander, Avalon- When driving a Toyota, you can disable the Dynamic Cruise Control. You can do this by pressing the end of the car's cruise control stalk. You can get confirmation on the screen, in between the gauges if the feature has been disabled.

Subaru Crosstrek, Impreza, WRX, Legacy, Outback, Forester-The following instructions will work with Subaru fitted with Eyesight. Look for Pre-Collision Braking System OFF, and press and hold it for two seconds.

Range Rover Evoque- First turn off the vehicle, before shifting this to a neutral position. Remove your foot from the brake pedal, and press the ‘Power' for a second. With your foot still on the brake pedal, you can now press the emergency brake release that you can find on the car's console.

Mercedes Benz- To send your Mercedes to a car wash, you should remove the Start/Stop button, and insert the assigned Smart Key. Once the key has been inserted, you shift to Neutral, release its brake pedal, and the electric parking brake. Now, switch off the ignition, and just leave the Smart Key in the car's ignition lock.

Lexus CT200h, ES350,RC,NX, RX- Disable the Dynamic Cruise Control. You will get a confirmation on the screen, in between the gauges.

BMW 7 Series- Choose ‘N' in the gear selector, and turn of its engine. Make sure you don't turn off the ignition when your car is still in the car wash.


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