By Guest on Friday, November 29, 2013

Sedan versus Hatchback. It’s the age old debate, sparked mostly by every product planner and PR guru in the auto industry. Despite what the big wig pencil pushers tell you, deciding what car is right for you should come down to lifestyle, budget, features and efficiency. If you’re in the market for a new car but are at a crossroads, these benefits of hatchback and sedan might just be that extra push in the right direction. HATCHBACK Due to the decline in the economy, there is a movement towards smaller, compact and cheaper cars. People are looking to save money where they can as the financial pinch becomes tighter. This is where hatchbacks come in.

Lower in price

Hatchbacks are ideal for sole income earners due to their relatively low price. The reason for this is because their engine capacity, dimensions and components are smaller which enables the manufacturers to offer them at a comparatively small amount. For example, Ford’s small car range starts at a low $16,000.

Cheaper maintenance costs

While no one looks forward to spending hard earned cash on a car service, hatchbacks offer an abundance of maintenance saving opportunities. Due to the simplicity of how the car is built, a smaller car means less time in the garage and hardly any fussing around for you. It’s fairly unlikely that you’ll be spending over $1,000 on a set of new tyres and any parts that need to be repaired will be significantly cheaper.

Handy in urban areas

Besides tackling sand dunes, everything is easier in a small car. You can glide into practically into any parking space with ease which is handy if you live in a built up metropolitan area. Unlike a sedan or SUV, a small hatchback will easily fit into a narrow garage space allowing for additional storage in that area. SEDAN A sedan is generally defined as a vehicle with four doors that features a traditional trunk design. The extra junk in the trunk makes sedans an ideal car for large families who are looking to throw your children, your dog and luggage with extra room to spare. The practicality of the car and knowing that you can fit everything but the kitchen sink in it is why it is such a winner with families and those who regularly road trip.

Greater efficiency

Imagine packing your entire family into a hatchback; given the fact that a hatchback is usually smaller than a sedan, it would have to work much harder and use more fuel to chug along. A sedan is a reliable car that can handle any kind of weight you store in it resulting in a better fuel economy.

Better Handling

On the road, a midsized sedan handles better than a SUV or hatchback Due to the ideal weight distribution, a sedan has a very stable centre of gravity. This means that you can turn the car at ease without leaning too hard from one side to the other. It reduces the risk of flipping over in an accident which is increasingly common in large SUVs.

Room to grow

Most families today have four members or less. However, if you are looking to grow, sedans are the perfect compromise between space and expense. Unlike a hatchback, which is all about compactness, a sedan can easily fit extra car seats while allowing extra room for whatever else you may be storing in the back seat. Gym gear, groceries, an extra person? Take your pick, you can fit it in a sedan. What would you choose? Sedan or Hatchback? Tell us your answer in the comments below.