By Guest on Thursday, February 21, 2013

With some of the best handling, best looking and most efficient cars on the market - with a plethora of awards between the various models - it's little wonder that many drivers in the market for an executive luxury car set their benchmark by BMW. Here's our guide to some of BMW's best executive cruisers.


3 Series
The most obvious place to start with any review of BMW models is with the famous 3 Series - arguably the very best all-round executive car series ever made; winning an embarrassment of awards.


While the 3 Series range might start at an almost respectable £23,000, by the time you've turned this mid-size German masterpiece into a full fat luxury cruiser, the pricetag will be a much healthier £35k, and more. But this will be a fully loaded, lovely place to be.


Some executive car drivers like the smaller size and more nimble chassis of the 3 Series, and thanks to a long and comprehensive options list, they can spec-up their downsized BMW to the full comfort levels - leather, all the driver aids, sat-nav and full climate control - of the very biggest BMWs.


5 Series
Further up the BMW price and size tree is the 5 Series, a top executive choice that's almost as lauded as the mighty 3 Series. The latest, and quite recent, incarnation of the 5 Series is the most efficient ever and BMW lead the way in the battle to lower emissions in bigger cars with their latest 5 Series.


Again, like the 3 Series, the more you spend the more luxury you will enjoy, but as we head up the pricing scale - the new 5 Series range starts at £30,430 - you will start to see more and more goodies appearing on the standard equipment list.


Regarded as one of the very best looking new models in the BMW range, the new 5 Series also comes with a very wide range of engine choices, with the latest in frugal yet powerful diesel engines appealing strongly to executives that want performance, but without a huge company tax bill at the end of it. BMW lead the way in diesel performance engines, with the 535d model very nearly keeping up with the full sports M5 in terms of pure shocking performance.


7 Series
BMW's biggest motorway cruiser tops off the BMW range in terms of price, comfort performance, and out and out interior space and exclusivity. There is even the option of an L variant of the already long and lithe 7 Series, which stretches the substantial wheelbase even further for serious back seat wriggle room.


Powered by the biggest and smoothest of BMW petrol and diesel engines - from 3- to 5-litres in capacity - the huge 7 Series rubs shoulders with the fastest and most comfortable cars made by any mainstream manufacturer, and they always feature the latest in incredible German engineering.

While many top executives will no doubt be driven in their BMW 7 Series, rather than actually drive them themselves, the smooth and rapid acceleration and almost inaudible engine note will appeal to chauffer and passenger alike. As will the car's tenacious grip, flat cornering and self-levelling suspension.


With a pricetag of nearly £60,000 for the least expensive 7 Series, many customers will no doubt spend even more from the options list, taking new prices up to over £100,000, and that's a pretty luxurious car!