By Zeid Nasser on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When the 250-hp Buick Verano Turbo luxury sedan was introduced late last year, engineers knew an aggressive exhaust note was essential for a car capable of 0-60 mph acceleration in an estimated 6.2 seconds.


Yet that had to be balanced with delivering a quiet, comfortable driving experience – a core objective in the development of every new Buick model.


“Verano customers who opt for the Turbo are choosing it for the power, and we wanted to make sure they get the full experience,” said Carl Sperling, vehicle performance engineer. “We made sure to create a sound to complement the feel.”


It may seem like a cabin tuned for quietness is a difficult environment for sound waves to thrive, but Sperling said the Verano actually made his job easier.


“Without wind and road noise being prevalent, we could tune the Verano’s exhaust to have a sporty note without it being too loud,” Sperling said. “A loud, droning exhaust can be fatiguing over a long highway drive.”


Inspired by the Regal GS luxury sport sedan, the Verano engineering team tested numerous exhaust systems, sorting among those they felt were too loud or too quiet until they settled on a sound befitting the Verano Turbo’s character.


Buick’s exclusive QuietTuning, employed on all Verano models, is designed to block or absorb sound and dampen or eliminate vibrations. It is included in every facet of the Verano’s architecture to make it the quietest compact sedan on the road and quieter than many midsize and full-size cars.


Verano’s quiet cabin is supported with numerous features including acoustic laminated glass, triple door seals and refined chassis dynamics. Even its 18-inch standard wheels are specially manufactured to minimize road noise.