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When anyone experiences a car accident, it is a shocking and confusing occurrence. If you are a college student who attends Rhode Island University or any of the private colleges in the city of Warwick, a car accident can be even more complicated, as you are more likely at a younger age and this could very well be your first auto accident (and being away from home in an unfamiliar city only makes this harder). Understanding your rights in a stressful time like this is paramount to your wellbeing. By going to Google and searching “car accident attorneys Warwick” you can begin to research some good injury lawyers in the area who have experience in helping college students obtain the settlements they deserve while protecting them from being taken advantage of by unlawful practices.

Why can’t I let insurance handle it?
To insurance providers, being a college student in a car accident is viewed similarly as being a bull in a china shop—nobody is surprised that there was an accident. This is an unfair branding, as many college students are responsible, careful drivers. By speaking to a lawyer you may get help in recovering any financial losses that result from medical expenses or car repair bills. As a college student, you may be an easy target for insurance companies to take advantage of. A lawyer in your corner will make sure you are not further victimized by unknowingly waiving your rights.

What if the accident was my fault?
Even if it appears you were at fault, you may not be entirely to blame. But in the event it is 100 percent your fault, you need to get legal representation to make sure you aren’t held accountable for things that have no real bearing. In an article that took crash data to determine who the worst drivers in America are, they found that drivers aged 18 to 20 cause the most traffic accidents in almost every state. Often drunk driving and distractions from cell phones cause these accidents. And what state had the most crashes? Not California, guess again. Surprisingly North Dakota wins this one. With a recorded 472,019 issued driver’s licenses and 116 fatal crashes, it wins the trophy. Statistics show that the most dangerous age was 18, and that 15 out of 50 drivers aged 18 to 20 were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Since you likely monopolize this age group, you will want legal representation to make sure you are not the victim of stereotyping or popular data.

Stay calm
In the event of an accident you must stay calm and recognize and accept the fact that this is an unfortunate circumstance in which you have little to knowledge of. The first thing you will want to do is go to a hospital and get checked out if you feel hurt. Then call an injury lawyer in the Warwick area so you can have peace of mind knowing you will not be taken advantage of by an older driver with years of experience in dealing with auto insurance claims. You are in college to invest in your future; make sure you continue this by seeking legal council or your near future may be grim.

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