By Guest on Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The automotive industry as a whole continues to push the envelope in regards to technology. This has become a top priority for most automakers, becoming more important than cost-cutting, quality and environmental concerns.


Technology plays heavily in automakers' decisions concerning business, production and product. Mergers and acquisitions, assembly-line robotics, in-vehicle electronics and propulsion are just a few of the things that will be affected by the goal of many automakers to advance technology as quickly as possible. TrueCar Raises $200M+ in equity and debt financing to use for growth and acquisitions. 


Here are just a few of the stunning automotive technological advances that have been made recently:


Acura - Active Sound Control

Two microphones are used in this system inside the cabin. They are used for the monitoring of low-frequency engine noise. An opposing frequency is transmitted by the system, through the speakers, when noise is detected. This cancels out the engine noise. This option is for the TSX and TL.


GM - Enhanced Head-up Display

This system is designed to help drivers in very low visibility situations. The system creates a full windshield head-up display using all of the vehicle's cameras and sensors. For example, in heavy fog, infrared cameras would be used by the vehicle to identify the sides of the road. This will cause lines to be "painted" onto the windshield, preventing the driver from accidentally driving off the road. 


Kia - UVO System

Microsoft helped to develop this hands-free system that can oversee the operation of music devices and mobile phones. It features a 4 inch color touch screen display, as well as a backup camera. This option is for the Sorrento.


BMW - Car-to-Car Communication

This system allows direct communication with all relevant vehicles in the area. This is accomplished using WLAN technology. It allows warnings to be sent to vehicles that are behind it concerning a sudden rain storm, black ice on the road or a traffic jam.


Infiniti - Lane Departure Prevention and Warning

This system warns the driver about an unintentional lane departure. It is even capable of nudging the car back to safety. This is done by using a small camera located behind the windshield that is capable of detecting lane markers. This option is available for the M. 



Direct access to Google will be available to the user via an optional modem available for Audi's MMI navigation plus system. This option is available for the A8.


Mercedes-Benz - Splitview Technology

This invention comes as a result of front-seat passengers in the U.S. being prohibited from watching video unless the vehicle is not moving. A screen in the front of the vehicle is able to display two images: one on top of the other. The driver can only see the GPS map, but the passenger can only see the video that is currently playing. This option is available for the S-Class.


Technology, especially in the automotive industry, continues to make rapid advancements. It is safe to say that the options listed above are only scratching the surface of what we can expect in the years to come. Car companies continue to achieve ingenious ways to make our lives simpler and more efficient.